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Menhaden Whiskey Society
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The Menhaden Whiskey Society

In Good Spirits

The Menhaden Whiskey Society is Beaufort’s answer to the call for a place where like-minded individuals can come together in the shared appreciation of all things whisky. Regular tastings, dinner pairings, themed events and lively discussion offer everyone from casual fans to devoted experts the chance to savor a classic spirit, in good company.

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A Nod to History

Named for the fish that once dominated Beaufort’s local community and economy, the Menhaden Whiskey Society pays tribute to the region’s rich heritage and storied fishing culture. Today, the Beaufort Hotel and 34° North sits on the site of the last remaining menhaden plant in North Carolina.

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Sample & Savor

Our illustrious whisky list offers a wide array of curated selections, including a Maker’s Mark Private Select Bourbon, one of only a handful of its kind and a first for the Crystal Coast. Whisky-forward cocktails, single barrel flights, and signature barrel blends are all available for you to indulge in.

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Join the Society