three small clear glasses with some whisky in them on a bar

Menhaden Whisky Society

Menhaden Whisky Society debuts September 29, 2021

The inaugural social gathering of the Menhaden Whisky Society will take place on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at 6 pm.

The informal group will get together for Maker’s Mark whisky tastings paired with appetizers. Our guest will be Sarah Poole, Maker’s Mark Diplomat.

Whisky tastings will take place monthly and whisky dinners will also be held throughout the year.

About the Menhaden Whisky Society

The Menhaden Whisky Society is a nod towards Beaufort’s heritage and rich fishing industry. Menhaden was the fish that built Beaufort.

Menhaden companies in Beaufort provided generations of workers with a dependable livelihood. Menhaden became synonymous with Beaufort.

Menhaden were caught in massive nets and then brought to Beaufort for processing.

The Beaufort Hotel sits on the site of the last remaining Menhaden plant in North Carolina.

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